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R-Media has a variety of ways we can help with your Product placement. We are creative and effective, and above all strategic.





Out-of-home advertising and outdoor advertising is made up of hundreds of various formats. OOH advertising, therefore, is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, events, or  while shopping, traveling, waiting, etc.

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Experiential Advertising


Experiential advertising contrasts with traditional mediums by interacting with the public and usually offering an experience.  Instead of simply pushing your brand generically to the mass public, you can interact with smaller more targeted groups of consumers.

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Print Media (Traditional)


Print Advertising is a great mass media advertising tool.  The ads can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, comics, pamphlets, itineraries, program guides and more.  We can find you the right placement, and we also offer design services in-house.

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Radio Ads


Radio stations are still a great advertising medium.  The ROI is proven and audience is there.  We have worked with various vendors and can find the best placement for you!

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Direct Media (Mail Outs)


Getting promotions in the hand of the mass public is a great way to move product. Discounts, coupons, samples, and geo-targeting can generate amazing results and ROI.

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Sponsoring local events, groups, artists, charities, schools and even people is a great way to reach a mass consumer market and even contribute to a community and gain grassroots awareness.  Sponsorship can help generate and contribute to targeted strategic marketing initiative.

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Digital / Online Media


The internet is a great advertising medium to target specific groups.  You can do geo-targeting or reach specific interests, ages and/or keywords.  Whether by Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram or any other digital platform.  We can assist in deployment, targeting, marketing and design in an strategic multilingual and multifaceted direction.

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Graphic Design


We have an in-house studio of graphic designers and artists.  Whether its a design for an ad, logo, poster, website, menu, vehicle wraps, or anything else your business needs.  Our service is reliable and our dedication is genuine.

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Online Development / Branding


R-Media offers the service of  Online branding.  We will develop a dynamic website for you with rich and engaging content.  Tailor fitted to your needs and goals, we create a visually appealing online presence and identity that speaks to your target demographic.  We create profiles, accounts and pages on all social platforms, making sure everything conforms and matches YOUR brand.

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