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If you need help with Media Buying, contact us. We offer a independent Media Buying service, and we can find you the media you want and can assist in dealing with all the various vendors and resellers across Canada. Specialty: Out-Of-Home Media.


Out-of-Home Products Include: Digital Out-of-Home (ie: Outdoor LED screens), Outdoor Billboards, Transit Advertisement, Walking Billboards, Mobile LED Truck, Event Sponsorships, Event Advertisement on Giant LED, etc.


*** R-Media strives to be a non-competitive partner and looks to build bridges with other similar agencies.


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Out-of-home advertising (or outdoor advertising) is made up of hundreds of various formats. Outdoor advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home. This medium is in contrast with broadcast, print, and Internet advertising.




Experiential Advertising


Engaging your consumer face-to-face is a great way to expose yourself to a specific target.  Whether its a temporary booth at music festival, or brand ambassadors giving out samples, Experiential Advertising is a fun and interactive way to grab attention.




Print Media


Print is a consistent advertising medium that can effectively target your desired demographic.  There are a plethora of print media options ranging from national niche magazines to local multi-cultural newspapers.  Print is a great way to strategically advertise your brand or promotion.






R-Media can expose your brand on the air.  Radio can be a fun, engaging way to reach consumers.  Whether it’s a funny skit, or silly jingle, or a heart-wrenching PSA announcement, we can do it all.  Radio advertising can target a specific audience, depending on the station, time, region, etc.




Direct Media (Mail-Outs)


Direct Media can provide a unique opportunity to deliver a hard copy of your brand, for them to keep, read, and/or use.  Whether is a simple coupon, notice of a sale, or a catalogue of products, R-Media can deploy a creative and effective strategy.






Sponsorship is a special way of gaining brand recognition.  It encompasses all marketing, advertising, public relations efforts.  R-Media can provide varied options, from huge renowned events to more "grassroots marketing" options.




Digital Media (online)


Online presence is vital for all business.  The majority of the population can be considered a social networker.  Online users all have their favorite use of the internet, and thus every brand has its home.




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