Out-of-Home (OOH)

Out-of-home advertising and outdoor advertising is made up of hundreds of various formats. OOH advertising, therefore, is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, events, or  while shopping, traveling, waiting, etc.



R-Media has access to different products and mediums to help you reach your target. Examples: Superboards, Billboards, Office Networks, Mall Networks, Street signs, Transit, Outdoor LED screens, etc.




Outdoor (Traditional)


Out-of-Home media reaches consumers on the go.  Whether its giant outdoor billboards facing major highways or LCD networks in residential or commercial buildings, reaching consumers when they are outside of their home is a great way to drive top-of-mind presence.

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Digital Out-Of-Home


Digital Out-of-Home includes Outdoor LED screens, Digital Superboards, Digital Street-signs, LCD Networks in malls, offices, airports, etc. Digital has low productions costs and is often more engaging than print-based Out-of-Home mediums.

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LED Trucks


Mobile LED trucks can target your desired clientele in an strategic and effective way.  Get your brand exposed in areas typically unreached.  Whether it’s by circulating a specific district, or being placed within a sponsored event, Mobile LED trucks can intrigue and captivate your audience!

Perfect for restaurant or store openings, promotions, sales, parades and festivals.

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Transit Advertising


Transit aka public transportation is vital to our way of life.  Whether is the daily workforce or the masses of students, it’s how we get around.  Reaching your target demographic this way is a great way to increase awareness.  Transit advertising includes:  subway/metro posters, bus ads, LCD networks, bus/subway wraps, etc.

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Walking Billboards


Walking Billboards, are in-your-space advertising. Better known as Brand Ambassadors, walk throughout planned target areas, wearing your message to communicate directly to your audience which will result in the best possible return for your advertising dollars. They are innovative, dynamic, effective and memorable.

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